About Us

We are a company based in South Africa, Johannesburg. We have been specializing in imported frozen meats from all over the world since the early 1990's.

We trade in poultry, mutton, pork, beef and fish. These products are distributed from our cold store in Alrode, Johannesburg to destinations all over South Africa by our own fleet of vehicles.
We import from various plants in countries such as Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, Europe, United Kingdom, Canada and USA. We make every effort to establish a sound business relationship between our customers and suppliers.
We strive to give the best quality product and service with a smile

Our Premisis

Our cold store in Alrode, Johannesburg has a capacity of 1500 pallet positions and is kept at a constant temperature of -20 degrees celcius.The vehicles' routes are planned daily to ensure the shortest possible time between placing your order and delivery. Although we deliver to any destination in South Africa, we have customers from other African countries such as Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Mozambique who arrive at our cold store daily to collect stock. Our state vet who deals with us on a daily basis assists these cross-boarder clients to attain all the necessary health permits.

Our Staff


(Founder and owner) has been trading since the beginning of his career in 1990.

Managing Team

Peter Van Vreden and the managing team

Niki Braz & Michael Coker

is head of logistics.Dealing with various shipping lines, contract transporters and outside storage companies

Sales Staff

Frank, Winnie and Joe. They are there to inform you of our range and prices and will accommodate your special requirements and cuts.

Athena Papachristodoulou

is in charge of all financials. She has been with Mario’s Meat Wholesalers right from the start of her career.

Vangelis Papachristodoulou

is primarily involved in sourcing all our products. He makes the overseas trips to meet with our suppliers and inspect the plants.

Fleet and Drivers

And not to forget our team of trucks and their drivers who ensure that our products are delivered to our customers.